Augusta Futurity Parade

Augusta Futurity Parade

Volunteer Positions

We offer many opportunities for families, groups, individuals and organizations to make a difference as Parade volunteers. Please check out the positions below to learn more about our wide range of volunteer opportunities. Why not invite friends, family members, or co-workers to join you!

Please note: All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older or meet the specific position requirements.

We also ask that volunteers be flexible and choose several positions. Very popular jobs fill quickly, so please indicate your second and third choices.


 Parade Day Opportunities:

Volunteer Registration - 6 needed

Check-in volunteers, confirm their assignments,direct them to their assigned volunteer area, distribute credentials.

Participant Registration - 6 needed

Check-in participants, confirm their Parade position and designated staging area, distribute Parade packet and participant's ribbon.

Banner Carrier - 3 needed

Be in the thick of things and introduce the Parade to the thousands of on-street spectators and the thousands more watching on TV. The lead banner requires three carriers. You must be in good health and able to walk approximately 3 miles along the parade route.

Outrider - 12 needed

These positions are filled primarily by mounted patrol units, but we need more outriders to ensure that the Parade keeps moving. Outriders will be used primarily for crowd control purposes. Mounted outriders accompany participants along the parade route and assist them if they encounter difficulties. Only very experienced riders on quiet, tractable horses will be considered for these positions.

Participant Host/Hostess - approx. 30 needed

Act as host to an equestrian parade entry - horse-drawn vehicle, riding club or group. Greet your assigned entry when they arrive and direct them to the correct parking and unloading area. Assist them in getting ready for the Parade. When it's time to line up, escort your entry to the staging area and then accompany them on foot along the parade route. Serve as a liaison between your entry and Parad outriders, while keeping your entry properly spaced and up-to-speed. Horse experience preferred. You must be in good health and ale to walk approximately 3 miles along the parade route. Wear comfy shoes!

Staging Monitor - 20 needed

Help organize our Parade participants before they set-off down Broad Street. Monitor and organize entries while they wait to be "integrated" into the line-of-march. Each entry type (marching band, mounted group, float, wagon and carriage, performing group, etc.) assembles in a specific staging area prior to integration. Be prepared to direct entries to their assigned waiting place and usher them into the line of march.

Route Monitor - 20 needed

Monitors will be located along the Parade route to assist spectators and to control pedestrians as a crossing guard. In addition, a monitor will be placed at the entrance of the "Persons With Disabilities Viewing Area."

Technical Crew - 10 needed

Have you ever wondered how a Parade of this magnitude is set up? Go behind the scenes as part of the all important technical crew to find out. Assist in assembling and dismantling decor and props along the route and assist with post-Parade duties.

De-staging Monitor - 10 needed

Assist with the disbursement of entries at the end of the Parade route. Collect signs, banners, etc., or help reward the hard-working volunteers like yourself, as you distribute gift bags at the end of the Parade.

Special Operative - 10 needed

Secret agents need not apply, but this is just the job for those of you with a "can do" attitude. If you are a versatile Jack or Jill of all trades, this is the team for you. You may be assigned to do just about anything, at any time, wherever a warm smile, and additional pair of hands and a cool head are needed.

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