Augusta Futurity Parade

Augusta Futurity Parade

Policies & Procedures

The Parade Committee has taken many factors into consideration in establishing the Parade Policies & Procedures. The safety of spectators, participants and their animals is paramount. Additional factors include litter control, crowd control, traffic control, and general issues of liability.

  1. The Parade Committee's receipt of a completed and signed Application shall indicate your ACCEPTANCE, on behalf of your entry and all of your entry's participants, of all Parade Policies & Procedures.
  2. If an entry is unable to participate in the Parade after being accepted, the entry's Contact Person must notify the Parade Organizers in WRITING a minimum of two weeks prior to Parade Day. Entries that cancel within two weeks of Parade Day, without substantial reason, will jeopardize receiving future Parade invitations/applications. Entries absent on Parade Day without proper notification to Parade Organizers will not receive future Parade invitations/applications.
  3. All participants are responsible for ensuring that the design and operation of their entry is safe and reliable. Entries shall comply with all government regulations, safety codes, manufacturer's recommendations and similar standards.
  4. All participants for a specific entry, including all ground assistants, MUST be in uniform, costume, or coordinated attire in keeping with the theme of the entry.
  5. No participants may advocate, oppose or depict any political, religious or social issues.
  6. All entries, including all ground assistants, shall be in position in the staging area and ready by 1:30 p.m. on Parade Day. If an entry is not in position by that time, it may lose its Parade position. The Parade will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m.
  7. Two (2) Entry Numbers shall be prominently displayed, one on either side of each vehicle or float. Mounted riders shall display their numbers on the lead horse. Entry Numbers will be provided in Entry Packets. Entry Numbers assist announcers, judges, and spectators along the Parade Route in identifying your entry.
  8. Entries shall remain in numerical order. Proper position is important to the diversity and flow of the Parade. The Parade Committee determines the position of all entries and each entry must maintain their position throughout unless directed otherwise by law enforcement or a Parade Official.
  9. Parade Officials reserve the right to reject any entry on Parade Day that does not meet the Policies & Procedures or conform to the description on their Parade Application.
  10. All entries are required to maintain continuous forward motion during the Parade and must be willing and sufficiently physically fit to maintain both the parade pace and spacing. Proper spacing is a minimum of 30 feet between entries.
  11. Parade Officials reserve the right to remove any entry, at any time, whether as a result of safety concerns; interference with the Parade's progress; violation of any state, federal, or local laws and ordinances; or any other reason that they deem appropriate.
  12. The Parade is designed to be entertaining for all age groups and reflect family values. Inappropriate music, profanity, degrading comments, or attire not suited for viewing by a family audience will not be tolerated.
  13. All entries are prohibited from throwing or otherwise distributing materials of any kind - including candy - before, during or after the Parade.
  14. Smoking, open fires, noisemakers, balloons and the discharging of firearms are not permitted.
  15. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Participants whom Parade Officials believe have consumed alcohol or prohibited drugs prior to or during the Parade will be ejected from the Parade.
  16. Cellular telephone use while on the parade route is strongly discouraged. The Parade is held for the enjoyment of the participants and spectators, who expect your attention and enthusiasm.
  17. All participants are encouraged to have fun. Smile, wave, and show your pride in being a part of The Augusta Horse & Carriage Parade!!!

Additional Policies & Procedures Pertaining to Equine/Animal Entries

The safety, health and welfare of the equines/animals are vital to the Parade's success.

  1. Also see the GENERAL PARADE INFORMATION, POLICIES & PROCEDURES, applicable to ALL entries in the Parade.
  2. The Parade Committee has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards animal abuse. Any person abusing animals before, during, or after the Parade shall be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.
  3. All equines/animals must be in good health, well groomed and sound of wind and limb. Equines must be properly trimmed and/or shod. For safety reasons, we recommend the use of horseshoes specifically designed to be used for parades.
  4. Georgia/South Carolina regulations require that all horses over 6 months of age must be in possession of a current Negative Coggins Certificate (EIA). Negative Coggins Certificate must be issued within twelve (12) months of Parade date and presented upon arrival at the Staging area and also at The Hippodrome, if stabling there.
  5. Participants must have control of their animals at all times. Any animal deemed unsafe by the Parade Officials shall be removed from the Parade.
  6. Mounted riders must be at least 8 years old, able to control their animal under Parade conditions and have adult supervision at all times. No child under the age of 14 shall be allowed to participate as a ground assistant to any animal entry.
  7. All tack, harness, wagons, carriages, etc. shall be complete and in good repair. All vehicles and harness are subject to inspection by Parade Officials on Parade Day and must be determined to be in good working order.
  8. All accessories, costumes, etc., must be secured and not interfere with the performance of any animal. No more than one rider per equine/animal.
  9. Any hitch with more than two equines shall have at least one (1) assistant on the ground - unless pre-authorized by the Parade Committee.
  10. Any equine/animal entry deemed in violation of any of the POLICIES & PROCEDURES shall, if practicable, be given the opportunity to correct the deficiency. If it cannot be corrected, they shall not be permitted to participate in the Parade.

A licensed equine veterinarian and a farrier will be available on the day of the Parade.

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